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So how do memes work? Well, something done consciously and unconsciously builds a meme. They aren't something you can usually point at, and to devolve them or use them seems to work best when it happens in an unconscious way. Let's take a meme building activity like a new fashion. Some pioneers wear it, soon the media acts as a platform for others to espouse it.

Everyone quickly becomes aware of it, but not everyone is going to adopt it unless it fits in with the zeitgeist. Instead of a fashion that we can see, imagine this applying to a new philosophy or a belief. The longer this meme is built, then the more it accretes levels of meaning and spreads to include lifestyles, food, clothes and stance, all of which can indicate a particular meme.

For example, consider the meme of an artist, or what it would mean to be a beatnik, hippy or a rasta. A meme that started as a fashion can soon be taken to include preferred foods or political viewpoints and philosophy.

The views held by a person can now be deduced, simply by looking at the hat that they wear.

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Like a plate resting upon a table, where there are only a few disparate molecules in direct contact. Or a brain where an idea can lodge in one of several areas, a meme could be said to lodge in some of many possible minds.

It may change minds often and doesn't have a constant localization. Academics seem to think that the earlier fashion meme is somehow simpler than the later accretion of several attributes. They have claimed that the simple thing that got imitated is somehow a pure meme, and the later development is a meme complex.

I deny this thinking as intellectual laziness, and contend that the latter is contained wholly in the former. It's just that we haven't yet had to time to see its full fruition so are duped into assuming a seed is more complex than a flower. Just because we can't yet chart a development, or because there is controversy here, does not mean that it isn't so. The controversy lies in the consequence being contained in the premise. There are too many vested dont know if im single or taken meme that need to separate these links of x leading to y, and there is a very big blame game to play if we go down the path of accepting that dont know if im single or taken meme minor detail will lead to major dissonance.

But this is what memes do. They start as a minor detail, say a schoolkid wearing a safety pin, and become a fully blown segment of human behavior with a generational chunk of glue sniffers. Now I use a dramatic illustration but I also feel that we can't hold back a memetic tide, nor would we endear ourselves to anyone by trying to do so. Memes are morally neutral, having both good and bad aspects that vary according to our interpretation.

What can seem harmful can produce benefit and vice-versa, which is the yin and yang of them.

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When I first read Dawkin's book a quarter of a century ago, I had already formed a nebulous theory of mental energy. Living in what seemed to be a vast population of like-minded people, where people all reacted the same or used the same current expressions, I envisaged a gigantic group mind.

Similar to ants or bees or flocks of birds, it seemed to me that we all acted in a predictable manner that was linked to the group. I'd started to consider this a gigantic psychic generator that could surely be tapped in some way. Another thought was that there would be nodes where you could find certain phenomena like a very lucky person or someone that could do no wrong.

I imagined that these nodes could be related to interference patterns dont know if im single or taken meme denoted either something more normal than normal, or a recipient of all this psychic flow. It took a couple of years to simmer, before I knew how to use it, and about 15 years before I suddenly realized the further implications of memetics. The mechanistic model of building and devolving memes wasn't the crux of the matter though undoubtedly this would be what people first glommed onto.

Consciousness seems to be a factor in the transmission process, though not an absolute. It's just that memes seem to operate better the less aware we are of their operation. Unaware as well as conscious effort builds a meme so that it can be said to have a growth period, and once built, is able to be devolved, by others often unconnected to the building process.

This devolvement works best by unconscious effort and is a way for knowledge to become distributed in a way once thought to be science fiction.

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The potential of telepathy, although fantastic, can be explained in memetic terms. Similarly, memetics does enable unconnected people to have a shared knowledge or belief system. As when scattered cultures built pyramid structures, there was a memetic diffusion of similar goals.

This is exemplified by the phenomenon known as the th monkey effect, and to which I'll come back to shortly. Animals can share memes. As their consciousness, is taken as being more simplistic, they are able to act alike. When flocks of birds and schools of fish turn or feed or flee all at the same time, it is difficult to explain this as a totality of separate, independent decision making.

Are they all plugged into a group mind or acting in an identical way just for being biologically similar? And it's not just animals that act identically. Human children can act and react in the same way. Are they similar for being closer to the mould? Are they more telepathic for being more similar?

This is the real advance of memetics. To ask these kind of questions that we may indeed discern answers to at some point down the road. By looking at memes as a potential indicator of both group and individual consciousness, we can unseal some of the mystery that has previously been a closed book to us.

This may initially seem overly philosophical, but memes can explain something like a soul better than the concept dont know if im single or taken meme souls themselves.

For instance, if you take a worm and cut it into two pieces that then becomes two worms, did you also create another soul? A more prosaic explanation is that both worms would be sharing the selfsame meme as can identical twins, until their different reactions match their different experiences.

Memes can seem an unnecessary dont know if im single or taken meme until you start to realize that memes can explicate better than other undefined concepts that are freely used. However interesting it can be to contrast souls as a memetic concept, for now let's just treat a meme as a package of cultural knowledge. It is an idea with an accretion of connotation aboard that can seem to act as if it has a life of its own. Devolving memes In the last section I suggested nodes as a place where memes could be better able to be devolved.

Now this positing of nodes is really only helpful to explain why some people are vastly better able to attract dont know if im single or taken meme than others. Like a very lucky person or vice-versa.

Another illustration would be a really good artist. Many people assume that a successful artist simply has the right idea at the right time, but world-class artists seem to have more than this simple formula working for them.

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A good artist tells us something we recognize as a truth in an original way, and a great artist draws on something that makes their work and originality speak to other times. They draw on a muse that has many strands and are often at a loss themselves to explain how they weave it into art. They are distilling the essence of the zeitgeist. Somehow, they are devolving the spirit of the age and telling us something that we recognize as a truth.

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Something that we knew all along without having enunciated it. When this happens, we call it a masterpiece. Could it be that the artist has positioned themselves on a node that devolves this creative energy? Their brains are a receiving medium for something they have unconsciously sought. It certainly seems that there have been geographical distilleries of genius like Athens or Paris in the past. I've noticed a similar thing happen with music.

I know the success of one local band can fuel the aspirations of others, but certain places whether Salzburg or Liverpool seem to throw up on occasion not just a singular bloom but a whole bouquet.

Most bands, unlike artists seem to make a handful of distinctive rousing music and then atrophy. They never better dont know if im single or taken meme first original work, and plough the same furrow making their later compositions just variations on a theme.

Yet there are rare artists partnersuche paderborn can define an era, and their work both embodies and propagates memes. Bubba Sparxx rapped, "Rhyming chose me. Yet there are often people working on similar things but only the one that gets the credit and is remembered. If it could ever be shown that radical ideas and advances come from on high, it must be a scattergun approach where several people are simultaneously trying to establish it, and it doesn't really matter who will win the race; just that one will.

The above are speculative asides. My main thrust is that ideas, fads or philosophies can be transmitted without local contact. These are memes that can be devolved and spread within limitations or throughout all society. Consider personal experience of how this could be. Haven't we all done something for the first time and then discovered how natural it can seem? Just like riding a bicycle, it can take a few moments and then seem like we always could do it.

Don't we all know someone that did something by chance and then it became a life's work or career? Let's consider a body of knowledge, a recently evolved meme such as "heart surgery. Great men may be said to sit on the shoulders of others before them, but so it is with all activity whether it is carpentry, mothering, lying or fighting.

No matter how harmful or mundane, others have built tramlines of the mind. In animals of lesser consciousness, this becomes a pure instinct so that all will eat, fight and sleep in a practically identical way.

Is there evidence that learned dont know if im single or taken meme is carried to others? One example would be when a rat finds its way through a maze.

A second rat seems to find its way through the maze even quicker. In experiments, the rats have been killed to prevent telepathy or identical new mazes substituted to prevent scent trailsyet despite this, rats are progressively able to get through these mazes faster than the earlier ones.

Not too many rules. Not too complicated. They all have to do with respect for the membership.

Where does this knowledge reside? They are able to dont know if im single or taken meme a meme that is being built, a meme of knowledge about the maze. I doubt that a meme is entirely independent of living things, but the crucial thing is that it acts as if it is.

A meme has an arc of existence that like the life of a living organism is a self-contained pocket of energy. Perhaps the best analogy of memes in the world is that they are partnersuche hunsrück to numbers.

The fantastic science of mathematics has enabled us to go to the moon and inspire computers. Yet we wouldn't be partnervermittlung herzblatt to point to dont know if im single or taken meme number or say, "this is a six", we could just say there are six of something. Like memes, we use the concept of number to find linking commonalities and to make something have sense for us.

To grasp that which has no obvious handle. One of my favorite examples of memetics in action is that referred to as the th monkey effect.

dont know if im single or taken meme

It's covered in Primates 6and was about studies of monkeys living on a string of Japanese islands What happened was that one monkey started washing the sand off sweet potatoes, and then others started doing it. At some point, a critical mass was reached and even monkeys on other islands, though there was no obvious contact, started washing their food to remove the sand. This is almost a perfect example of a meme growing and then becoming accessible to all.

A way for knowledge or learning to become transmitted to others that are not in physical dont know if im single or taken meme. In human affairs, this is best seen in fashion, whereby there just seems to be zeitgeist spirit of the age sweeping through disparate and otherwise unconnected populations. This th monkey dont know if im single or taken meme was first dont know if im single or taken meme in the Lyall Watson book, Lifetide.

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These pseudo rebuttals usually harp on about how not all the monkeys adopted this new way of washing sand off potatoes. Now Ken Keyes clearly says in his forward about this phenomenon "…almost all. Furthermore, the th monkey mechanism isn't negated by this. Think of a meme such as a fashion. A few people adopt it, perhaps to widespread ridicule but at some threshold point, it becomes widely accepted.

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Now obviously, not every single person adopts the exact same fashion, but does this detract from the mechanism that causes it's explosive growth? Of course not.

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Indeed, there will ever be adherents to memes that are other fashions or the antithesis of the one currently in vogue. It can be a bit like the scene in the sci-fi movie Fahrenheit where in a book burning society, individuals each keep a certain book alive by reciting it and memorizing it.

Fashions could be similarly said to be kept alive by adherents. Victims of fashion are the ones held by the meme in a grip that has no hold on other people who have moved on to other fashions. Critics of memetics I have found, similarly miss the point about statistics. I am not asserting that twins will all have the same experiences or that coincidences can be statistically explained or expected, like the likelihood of two people at a singleparty hameln sharing the same birthday.

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