Film flüchtige bekanntschaften.

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  • Es ist eine Frau, die die desillusionierende Erfahrung einer Scheidung hinter sich hat, die versucht, zurechtzukommen und nicht aufzugeben.
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Steed — See all my reviews Very atmospheric and nicely paced and directed women's drama and typical of by feminism influenced films that remain too esoteric to be fully comprehensible. Irritatingly it is not clear what the hell the director wants to tell us; what is the meaning of it all? She shows a divorced woman in search for a new "meaningful" relationship at least I think sobut this is done in a way that is just too distant to get the film flüchtige bekanntschaften really involved: what does she think?

Foto-Copyright: Virginia Shue, Hamburg - starfotos virginia-hamburg. Im Tanzlokal treffen sie - unerwartet - auf Walter und seinen Freund Paul, und die Begegnung zwischen Susanne und Walter, die sie nicht erwartet hat, verunsichert Susanne noch mehr. Aber das Fest gerät zunehmend aus den Fugen, die Beziehungen werden immer fremder. Sexuelle Aggression, verzweifelte Beziehungslosigkeit und die Flucht in Alkohol und Tanzmusik lassen das Fest peinlich werden.

Does she and the director really expect that when she is picked up in a singles bar, something more serious will come out of it? What is the viewer to do with the overlong sequence of her birthday party?

film flüchtige bekanntschaften

What is the viewer supposed to do with the strip act by Günther Lamprecht's character? It may well be heavy symbolism: film flüchtige bekanntschaften naked man showing himself as he really is; very intellectual, I suppose.

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After his 20th or so "I just could not take anymore", I indeed could not take anymore and yearned for having the sound off. Again, for which purpose was this done?

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Did the film flüchtige bekanntschaften want to show the difference of passion between women and men? Mystery, mystery. The main problem is of course, and not only with this one, that basically the subject is melodrama.

But in stead of treating it in that way, of which most directors seem to be afraid nowadays or are not capable ofa semi-intellectual and thereby cold treatment is given, shutting out the viewer's involvement.

This one has a fine cast to keep the interest. Was this review helpful to you?

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