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Are you looking for German quotes? Below is a list of 47 funny, life-affirming and motivational quotes from some of our favourite German speakers. Quotes can make you laugh, cry, or think.


They can help you find your mojo. In other words, quotes evoke emotion. Quotes can also help you: Learn new ways of speaking: You can see how German is used, moulded and shaped to express ideas and concepts Learn more about the culture: Quotes often give a direct cultural insight to people, places and points of view within a partnersuche quotes and sayings about single life facebook Find new quotes and sayings about single life and turns of phrase: You can analyse quotes to fine new vocabulary you may not learn in your day-to-day speech If you want to become a better conversationalist and learn more about German people, studying the quotes can be a great use of your time.

Think again! These quotes will have the entire Brauhaus chuckling in no time.

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Wenn du erwachsen bist, musst du Bier trinken. Adults drink beer. Although I'm not yet sure about the universe.

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For sex, not so much. I run amok every day.

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Das Gegenteil ist schon schwieriger. The opposite is more of a challenge. It is difficult to find the man to whom you can be. Here are some of their best thoughts.

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Aber ein bisschen früher, damit ich mehr davon habe. Just a little earlier, so I have more of them. Then look no further than these German motivational quotes!

Den Augenblick ergreife.

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Nur er ist dein. Seize the moment.

Only that is yours. Weave a quotes and sayings about single life into it every day and eventually it becomes unbreakable. Und gibt auch neue Kraft. That was a long list of quotes.

quotes and sayings about single life

I hope you found them useful and insightful. But I want to know.

47 Funny, Inspiring and Motivational German Quotes To Help You Learn German

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