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Dual Bird Feeder Ideal for providing two types of feed at once. Durable powder coated finish. Capacity g peanut and g seed. The Chapelwood dual feeder, ideal for providing 2 types of feed at once has 2 chambers with the ability to feed seed mixes and straight bird food.

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Bumble Bee Ideal for single bird feeder stand hearts, black sunflowers and peanuts. Brighten up the garden with this award winning design.

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High capacity feeder. Can hold up to 0.

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Chapelwood's new range of fun feeders are designed with practicality and high volume in mind. The attractive colourful design with a side fill mechanism, ensure the feeders remains closed when hanging.

There is a threaded base for use with the fun feeder flower stick.

single bird feeder stand

It has a solid metal construction and a high capacity, which is perfect for Sunflower Hearts and Black Sunflowers. A great addition to any garden!

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Wide eyed owl design. Threaded base for use with the Fun Feeder Flower Stick and other accessories. Despite their cute appearance, owls single bird feeder stand notoriously difficult to spot during the daytime.

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Made from long lasting solid metal with a resistant powder coating, this plucky owl will brighten up any garden scene, and ensure plenty of other garden visiting birds make their way onto your lawn. Perfect for sunflower hearts and peanuts, this colourful fun feeder features eye and beak details, a sliding hanging mechanism and a side fill slot to ensure no feed spills out whilst sat on your tree!

single bird feeder stand

The Little Owl Fun Feeder also features a threaded base, allowing it to be set on the 1. Blue Tit Ideal for sunflower hearts, black sunflowers and peanuts.

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Bright blue tit design. Features an attached chain for hanging.

Single feeder stand

Threaded base for use with the fun feeder flower stick and other accessories. Blue tits are a delightful addition to any garden, so why single bird feeder stand get a bold, bright little friend of your own in to help encourage more of them to visit? The ChapelWood Blue Tit Fun Feeder is a colourful way to start feeding the birds in your garden, and is ideal for sunflower seeds and hearts - a blue tit's absolute favourite snack. This solid metal feeder features a side fill mechanism so that it stays closed whilst hanging, and is an ideal way to add interest to a tree or garden wall.

A threaded base ensures that the feeder can also be attached to the Single bird feeder stand Flower Stick, making it ideal as a centrepiece in borders, lawns or plant pots.

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Pair it with the Fun Robin or Goldfinch Feeders for a garden full of garden visiting birds! Robin Ideal for use with sunflower hearts, black sunflowers and peanuts.

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Threaded base for use with Chapelwood's flower stick and other accessories. Main Material : Steel. Dimensions: W11 x D15 x H9cm.

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A novel wild bird feeder this Chapelwood Robin Fun Feeder is designed to add colour to your garden as well as attract a wide variety of wild birds. Ideal for use with sunflowers hearts black sunflowers and peanuts it is made from steel with a side fill mechanism to ensure that the feeder remains closed when hanging.

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This high capacity feeder is perfect for placing on a tree branch or hanging bracket. With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds RSPB and the British Trust for Ornithology BTO both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native single bird feeder stand. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and single bird feeder stand when natural resources are in shorter supply, in addition to this high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young.

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Once you have established a feeding regime - don't disappoint them, they will depend on you! The ChapelWood complete dining station gives you everything you need to feed the birds from a single location, whilst also doubling up single bird feeder stand a centrepiece on your lawn. Made from high quality steel, this large pole features a four-way head that can be fitted with any of the ChapelWood hanging feeders, along with removable water dish and mesh seed single bird feeder stand and an additional feeding hook for a third hanging feeder or suet treat.

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It also comes with four click top feeders-one for every major feed type - allowing you to quickly fill them up with treats and get feeding. Enhanced by scrollwork details and an ornate finial, the complete dining station pole can also be fitted flirtzeichen von jungs any number of ChapelWood accessories, including a squirrel dome or additional feeding hook.

The complete dining station provides everything you need for feeding all of your local birds.

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