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Abstract Background Heart failure HF is a life-limiting illness and patients with advanced heart failure often suffer from severe physical and psychosocial symptoms. Particularly in older patients, HF often occurs in conjunction with other chronic diseases, resulting in complex co-morbidity.

single but my heart is taken meaning

This study aims to understand how old and very old patients with advanced HF perceive their disease and to identify their medical, psychosocial and information needs, focusing on the last phase of life. Results A total of 95 qualitative interviews with 25 patients were conducted and analysed.

The following key categories were developed: 1a dealing with advanced heart failure and ageing, 1b dealing single but my heart is taken meaning end of life; 2a perceptions regarding care, and 2b interpersonal relations.

Overall, our data show that older patients do not experience HF as a life-limiting disease. Functional restrictions and changed conditions leading to problems in daily life activities were often their prime concerns.

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The needs and priorities of older HF patients vary depending on their disease status and individual preferences. Pain resulting in reduced quality of life is an example of a major symptom requiring treatment.

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Many older HF patients lack sufficient knowledge about their condition and its prognosis, particularly concerning emergency situations and end of life issues, and many expressed a wish for open discussions.

Conclusion Old and very old patients with advanced HF often do not acknowledge the seriousness and severity of the disease. Their communication with physicians predominantly focuses on curative treatment. Therefore, aspects such as self-management of the disease, dealing with emergency situations and frauen in innsbruck treffen issues should be addressed more prominently.

An advanced care planning ACP programme for heart disease in older people could be an option to improve patient-centred care. Keywords: Older patients, Advanced heart failure, Palliative care, End of life, General practice, Needs, Patient perspective, Health care service, Advanced care planning Background Much is known about heart failure, its treatment and medications.

Guidelines facilitate targeted and standardised diagnoses and treatments.

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From a clinical point of view, heart failure often presents as a gradual functional decline with intermittent episodes of acute deterioration, some recovery, and a rather sudden and seemingly unexpected death [ 12 ]. Particularly in older patients, heart failure often occurs in conjunction with other chronic disease, resulting in complex co-morbidity [ 3 ]. Patients with advanced cardiac failure often suffer from severe physical und psychosocial symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain, fatigue and fear as well as social isolation and restrictions regarding activities associated with daily living [ 36 — 8 ].

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As the proportion of older people is growing constantly, heart failure is becoming an ever-increasing public health problem [ 9 ]. Heart failure is a life-limiting illness for many patients. Especially in old age, the likelihood of heart failure as the cause of death increases.

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Palliative care is dedicated to patients with advanced life-threatening illnesses in order to improve their quality of life by addressing their psycho-social, physical and spiritual needs [ 11 ]. Better palliative care for older people is an international goal [ 1112 ]. Compared to cancer patients, patients with non-malignant diseases such as heart failure still have less access to palliative care services, even though an increasing numbers of such patients are in need of palliative care [ 6 ].

Studies show that palliative care plays an important role in relieving suffering and distress in patients and caregivers by providing optimal symptom management as well as psychological and spiritual support [ 713 ]. End stage heart failure can be appropriately managed by using generic palliative care skills [ 14 ].

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Moreover, palliative care helps in overcoming communication difficulties by addressing personal treatment goals and end of life issues such as advance directives and hospice care [ 7 ]. Previous studies focussed on a broad range of ages and did not explicitly deal with the needs and experiences of the old and very old 1 [ 615 ].

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The aim of this study was therefore to understand how old and very old patients perceive advanced heart failure and to assess their medical, psychosocial and information needs at the end of life. Other studies show that follow-up rounds of data collection allow single but my heart is taken meaning for participants to disclose information at their own pace and help single but my heart is taken meaning establish empathy and trust between patients and researchers [ 6 ]. Patient recruitment We recruited patients in two geriatric hospitals in the cities of Hannover and Heidelberg, which are located in northern and southern Germany, respectively.

Both centres are academic teaching hospitals with a wide range of geriatric inpatient and outpatient services, including acute geriatrics and rehabilitation. Their overall treatment goals are the maintenance or recovery of good health, independence and, above all, quality of life for patients with age-related health problems caused by any geriatric illness, such as heart failure, stroke, fractures, or dementia.

Single but my heart is taken meaning to acute medical treatment, a mobilisation and rehabilitation programme is usually started from the first day of hospitalisation.

The patients are treated by experienced multidisciplinary teams in which physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, massage therapists and balneotherapists work closely together with the nursing staff and physicians.

Mein Herz brennt

This question has proved useful for identifying patients with a potential need for palliative care [ 18 ]. Initial information regarding the study was provided to potential participants verbally and via an information sheet by the treating senior physician.

Of 29 patients approached after having been identified by a negative response single but my heart is taken meaning the surprise question, 25 agreed to participate in the study 9 in Hannover, 16 in Heidelberg. At this point, the interviewer approached the patients and provided further information regarding the study.

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After giving these individuals the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions and explaining that they were permitted to withdraw from the study at any time, participants were asked to provide written informed consent and agree to the recording of interviews. The study was approved by the local research ethics committee Hannover Medical School, Nr.

single but my heart is taken meaning

If the patient desired, an informal carer e. All interviews were conducted by the first author KK. Comprehensive field notes were taken during the interview to gather data on non-verbal reactions and the course of the interview in order to facilitate contextualisation of the data.

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A clinical assessment was performed once at the recruitment stage by the geriatric physician, which included the NYHA status and the frailty single but my heart is taken meaning, which was measured using the CHSA Clinical Frailty Scale [ 17 ]. Information about the involved professional carer e. The guide was developed based on instruments previously used in other qualitative studies [ 6151920 ].

Of the 25 patients recruited, five refused to attend follow-up interviews, two were cognitively unable to respond, and eight died.

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