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Eine Variation im Zustand der Erregbarkeit der Zellen in dem Herzen führt zu einer zyklischen Periode erhöhter Empfänglichkeit für eine Defibrillation. Die empfängliche Periode tritt auf, wenn die Anzahl der erregbaren Zellen gering ist, d. Sensierenstellt das Fernfeld- oder unipolare Elektrogramm die notwendige Information bereit, um die Periode erhöhter Empfänglichkeit für eine Defibrillation zu bestimmen.

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It has relative advantages over traditional transvenous systems, particularly for young patients in whom the lifetime risk of device-related complications may be deemed to be unacceptably high. Single chamber pacemaker ecg data relating to device longevity and long term safety profile is yet to be accrued, several recent studies have demonstrated good clinical efficacy comparable to transvenous ICDs.

The subcutaneous ICD—current evidence and challenges

Indeed, new techniques have also been developed to simplify the S-ICD implantation procedure and attempts have been made to address challenges pertaining to T-wave oversensing to reduce the delivery of inappropriate shocks.

The impact of inappropriate shocks and lack of anti-tachycardia pacing ATP function are not only contentious matters, but also have important implications for patients in whom the S-ICD would be suitable.

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It is envisaged that subsequent models of this device will be less cumbersome, with the possibility that an entirely leadless pacemaker-defibrillator will one day be possible.

Although the S-ICD may not completely replace transvenous devices in its current form, evidence suggests that it is a viable alternative particularly in preventing sudden cardiac death in non-pacing dependent patients.

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Its primary advantage of negating the risks associated with transvenous systems makes it an alluring alternative to the conventional ICD particularly in younger patients who are exposed to the risks of chronic intravascular lead complications. Whilst long-term data is currently unavailable, initial studies demonstrate that this is a promising and viable successor to transvenous devices, with comparable efficacy.

However, the evidence single chamber pacemaker ecg supports this has been questioned in the literature, and the controversies regarding single chamber pacemaker ecg technological and epidemiological aspects of the S-ICD warrant further evaluation.

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